Dealing with Christmas

Hello again and welcome aboard the autism boat. Christmas is an odd time of year, it’s very busy and involves lot’s of social interactions in such a small space of time. Whilst I do find Christmas an enjoyable time of year it isn’t a walk in the park, unless that walk in the park wasContinue reading “Dealing with Christmas”

Dealing with Birthdays

Hello again and welcome aboard the autism boat. I will say this now, I love my birthday but that doesn’t mean its a stress free time. I have decided to talk about this now as my 18th birthday is next week! I am so exited but also surprising quite scared. I wasn’t sure why atContinue reading “Dealing with Birthdays”


Hello again, and welcome back aboard the autism boat. Today I wanted to talk about camouflaging. Camouflaging is sort of like having a normal mask. An autistic puts this mask on to avoid being spotted as different and to try to conform. This means that to others, the person seems like a typicality everyday functioningContinue reading “Camouflaging”

My Diagnosis Journey

Hello again, my diagnosis journey started when I was around 13. My Mum and I went to my GP about my depression and anxiety. The GP then referred me to PCAMHS (primary child and adolescent mental heath service) where I got some counseling sessions and was diagnosed with high anxiety. From there I went toContinue reading “My Diagnosis Journey”


Hello again, and welcome aboard the autism boat. Today I want to talk about a big aspect of my autism, stimming. Stimming is self-stimulatory behavior and I have been doing it my whole life in some way or another. Stimming is different for every autistic but it usually involves movement or sound. So lets digContinue reading “Stimming”

Hello World

Hi everyone, i’m Ali, your autistic guide and you maybe asking yourself why do I need an autistic guide? well my world is full of struggles and strengths that I wish to share because you probably are or know someone on the autism spectrum that could benefit from you gaining knowledge about autism. I amContinue reading “Hello World”