Hello again, and welcome back aboard the autism boat. Today I wanted to talk about camouflaging. Camouflaging is sort of like having a normal mask. An autistic puts this mask on to avoid being spotted as different and to try to conform. This means that to others, the person seems like a typicality everyday functioning […]

My Diagnosis Journey

Hello again, my diagnosis journey started when I was around 13. My Mum and I went to my GP about my depression and anxiety. The GP then referred me to PCAMHS (primary child and adolescent mental heath service) where I got some counseling sessions and was diagnosed with high anxiety. From there I went to […]

Hello World

Hi everyone, i’m Ali, your autistic guide and you maybe asking yourself why do I need an autistic guide? well my world is full of struggles and strengths that I wish to share because you probably are or know someone on the autism spectrum that could benefit from you gaining knowledge about autism. I am […]