Autism and Covid-19

Covid-19 has effected nearly every person and has been a challenging time for all. I have found it extremely difficult due to my disability and want to share what autistic people might be going through, So jump aboard!

Why I have struggled due to my autism

I remember back in march when it seemed like it was going to be fine, I had hoped worse case scenario we would only be in lock down for a couple weeks. I was very, very wrong. The lock down hit me like a tonne of bricks, it swepped me off my feet and it took me so of guard it took me weeks to process what was happening. Change in routine is hard enough but when it’s a change of life and so sudden it extremely difficult to deal with. I was left with months without anything to do. I am in year 13 in school meaning I had exams in the summer, these were canceled leaving me with no school work and a bunch of free time I didn’t know how to fill. eventually I set tasks for my self to achieve every day, most small things like go for a walk. This made me feel productive and raised my mental health, not putting too much pressure on my self to be super productive. The start of lock down was so stressful I can’t describe it in words, the massive amount of uncertainty crippled my day to day life and daily tasks became a chore. Not knowing when my life could return to normal drained me, and the new rules while they are important and necessary, scared me to never leaving my house.

The new rules in place such as one way systems and masks are amazing to help deal with whats going on, but as an autistic person overloaded me with anxiety surrounding what was already a difficult task. For example I went to the hairdressers last week and normally this is difficult due to the social interactions. normally my mum comes into the hairdressers with me and is close if I need her. With the new rules I had to wear a mask and not have my mum near. I am not bothered by the mask but I am scared I will mess up the rules and cause lot’s of trouble, before my appointment I was shaky and scared, it took almost all my energy to do this seemingly simple task but I did it! Afterwards I relaxed for the rest of the day to recharge.

Why I have struggled due to being an introvert

You would think not going outside would be perfect for an introvert, I thought so too, it wasn’t until I realized I would never get the house to my self that the troubles started. I enjoy being home alone as I can be sure there are no human interactions that may happen, lock down meant that I didn’t get the house to myself for months and it took a large toll. Eventually I had to leave a stay at a friends for a week due to family tensions, I couldn’t stand being about people all the time with zero breaks. Now is much better, both my parents have gone back to work and I have a couple hours to myself to relax. Well almost to my self, I am joined by my two lovely cats!

In conclusion

In these difficult times autistic people are really struggling, more then it seems and I hope you can be more mindful and help out. Tasks we could do before are going to be harder but we can do it, in the end I have enjoyed the lock down. The pace of life has slowed down and it has really helped out my mental state. I hope you all have a nice week and I will see you later!

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