sensory – Temperature

Hello again and welcome aboard the autism boat. In England it is currently December and the weather is drastically getting colder and colder. Many people make conversation with me about the awful weather and I play along but the truth is I love this kind of weather. This is because the way my body perceives temperature is slightly different from a non-autistic. For me, summer is the worst time because of how hot it is. I am hypersensitive to heat and so summer becomes a hell for me. On the other hand, I am under sensitive to the cold hence my love of the weather at the moment.

I love a good snowy day!

Looking back I have always been this way, as a child I have memories of swimming in the sea on cloudy days and being forced to but a jumper on when I went outside. This doesn’t sound too bad but summer is when the trouble starts. When it gets hot I begin to function less and less as I get overwhelmed with negative sensory input of the heat. I tend to be in a worse mood in the summer and don’t want to go outside at all. My skin feels like its going to melt off and so I avoid places that are hot like for instance hotter countries. This is hard when it come to holidays. I would love to go to Iceland but my parents would rather get a villa somewhere hot. The ways I have found to make summer more tolerable is always having access to a fan, this has helped considerably. Temperature effects me a lot and it something I have to really think about to make sure I can still function. Well that’s it for today, see ya.

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