Hello World

Hi everyone, i’m Ali, your autistic guide and you maybe asking yourself why do I need an autistic guide? well my world is full of struggles and strengths that I wish to share because you probably are or know someone on the autism spectrum that could benefit from you gaining knowledge about autism.

I am a autistic advocate (obviously), my goal is to help as many people live happier lives, especially autistic people and their friends, family and colleges (autistic or not). This blog is for everyone so don’t go if your non-autistic as I welcome diversity and want to create a blog where we can raise awareness for autism (and some other mental disabilities and mental heath issues may pop up once in a while too). I am also dyslexic (so blog posts won’t have perfect spelling and grammar) and wish to become involved in the LGBTQIA+ community as I am gay (I identify as female incase you were wondering).

So stick around as I am hoping to be posting weekly, see you later.

Published by autismalil

Hi, I'm the author of the blog A is for Autism and for Ali!

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